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change direct to indirect...

Direct indirect spech
1.    Statement      : that
2.    Commad        : to
3.    Question        :yes no question : if / wether
 Wh question : kata  tanya itu sendiri

 To change direct statement to indirect statement
·         The verb usually use                                  say & said
If use “ say “ (present ) the tense is not changed
Ex : ana says, “ i dont agree with you “
So : ana says that she does not agree with you
·         If use “ said “ ( past ) the tense is changed

To tense
Simple present
Simple past
Present continous
Past continous
Present perfect
Past perfect
Simple past
Past perfect
Past continous
Past perfect continous
Past future
·         The reading sign is delete and become “ that “
·         The adverb of time are also changed

Become to
The day before
Last week
The week before
That day
The following day
This / these
That / those
Two days ago
Two days before

Example :
·         Statement
1.    Ana said ,” i study english”
Ana said that she studied english
2.    She says to me, “ i am studying “
She says to me that she is studying
3.    He told his friend,” i live in kediri”
He told his friend that he lived in kediri

·         Command
1.    my mother tells me, “ be dilligent!”
                        My mother tells me to be dilligent
2.    my father told me,” dont go out !”
                        My father told me to not go out

·         Question
1.    They ask me ,” where i live?”
They ask me where i live
2.    He asked me ,” what is your name ?”
He asked me what my name was
3.    Nina ask vida ,” are you happy?”
Nina ask vida if she is happy

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